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CN-106058855-A: Active power distribution network multi-target optimization scheduling method of coordinating stored energy and flexible load patent, CN-106058870-A: Filter capacitor and filter inductor combination device for emergency power supply inverter module patent, CN-106059284-A: Anti-interference type automatic air-exhaust control system based on second-order filter circuit patent, CN-106059428-A: Model prediction control method of three-phase four-switch inverter driven permanent magnet synchronous motor patent, CN-106059468-A: 一种带指示灯的太阳能电池板角度调节机构 patent, CN-106059887-A: 一种vpn流量监控方法及装置 patent, CN-106060442-A: 一种录像存储方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-106060878-A: 一种设备的中继方法和中继器 patent, CN-106061316-A: Device for treating the hair and associated refill patent, CN-106062667-A: 用于处理用户输入的设备和方法 patent, CN-106062921-A: Smart chamber and smart chamber components patent, CN-106063155-A: 编码光 patent, CN-106063591-A: 防止人体的温度往外流老年旅行服 patent, CN-106063777-A: 一种防治皮肤病、润肤止痒的中药浴 patent, CN-106063863-A: Ascaris calming and pain relieving pill patent, CN-106063894-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal reagent for treating Kleine-Levin syndrome patent, CN-106064126-A: 汽车零部件喷涂生产线 patent, CN-106065691-A: patent, CN-106066123-A: patent, CN-106066339-A: X ray cold light computer tomoscan experiment system and method patent, CN-106067235-A: Antitheft alarm system, electronic equipment, nfc tag and antitheft method patent, CN-106067567-A: Battery Control Method And Apparatus, Battery Module, And Battery Pack patent, CN-106069357-A: 草坪植物的引种栽培装置 patent, CN-106070661-A: 一种豆制品生产线 patent, CN-106070839-A: Health-care tea capable of preventing and treating excessive sebum alopecia and producing method of health-care tea patent, CN-106071473-A: Grapefruit flavor novel beverage formula patent, CN-106072205-A: Shredded pickled Chinese cabbages containing Ficus pumila and capable of promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction and production method thereof patent, CN-106074196-A: 化妆料 patent, CN-106075020-A: Ganoderma lucidum compound granules with diabetes treating effect patent, CN-106075846-A: 一种体育教学器材运输装置 patent, CN-106077898-A: Linear type automatic shielded metal arc welding structure patent, CN-1060801-A: Production of aluminium alloy ancient-imitative furniture patent, CN-106081134-A: 一种新型直升机电动鱼叉格栅助降系统 patent, CN-106082631-A: 一种光纤预制棒制造方法 patent, CN-106082670-A: 发泡釉及用其制作的釉面发泡陶瓷 patent, CN-106083351-A: 一种环保耐水水产养殖水草专用肥 patent, CN-106084033-A: Cd19免疫原多肽及其用途 patent, CN-106084054-A: Humanized Anti-Factor D Antibodies And Uses Thereof patent, CN-106084410-A: 一步法制备黑色电线电缆用硅烷交联聚乙烯绝缘材料的方法 patent, CN-106085691-A: Plant source rice wine distiller's yeast flavor increasing bacteriostatic agent and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106092517-A: Device and method for testing coupling efficiency of ultra small GRIN fiber lens patent, CN-106093541-A: 基于经验模态分解和希尔伯特变换的电压跌落检测方法 patent, CN-106095374-A: Method and system for enabling character size to adapt to display of languages of various countries patent, CN-106095380-A: Sound signal acquisition method and apparatus patent, CN-106095675-A: EDA (electronic design automation) and FPGA (field programmable gate array) reusable verification system for passive tag chips patent, CN-106095728-A: Satellite telemetric data trend analysis method patent, CN-106095874-A: 一种显示页面的方法和设备 patent, CN-106096633-A: 煤矿瓦斯浓度测量方法 patent, CN-106097268-A: Tujia brocade traditional residual pattern digital repair method patent, CN-106098995-A: 一种电动汽车电池箱体保护装置 patent, CN-106099111-A: Positive electrode material triple (a, a'-phthalate) furan of battery and preparation method of positive electrode material patent, CN-106099328-A: 一种双极化基站天线 patent, CN-106100373-A: High-frequency CRM boost type PFC converter capable of adaptively optimizing THD (total harmonic distortion) patent, CN-106101346-A: 一种监测环境噪音强度的nfc手机壳 patent, CN-106101752-A: 一种时移时间获取方法及机顶盒 patent, CN-106103739-A: 用于测量胃肠癌中的生物标记物的方法 patent, CN-106104228-A: Weighing device patent, CN-106104615-A: 用于提供一组价格估计值的方法和服务器,诸如飞机票价价格估计值 patent, CN-106105571-A: Stroke-adjustable lawn mower accelerator system with fixator patent, CN-106105812-A: A potted plant LED lamp patent, CN-106106688-A: Sugar-control walnut cake patent, CN-106106796-A: 一种豆腐凝固剂及其制作工艺 patent, CN-106107233-A: Formula feed for juvenile trionyx sinensis patent, CN-106107292-A: Healthy beverage capable of relieving hyperglycemia patent, CN-106107595-A: 含有藻朊酸、藻胆蛋白的肉肠及其制备方法 patent, CN-106107668-A: Healthcare vegetable powder and making method thereof patent, CN-106108268-A: 一种用于鞋类制造的贴底机 patent, CN-106108468-A: Bench patent, CN-106108496-A: Crib fast to demount patent, CN-106108843-A: 一种确定用户睡眠时长的方法及系统 patent, CN-106110262-A: 苦参黄柏中药酒 patent, CN-106111164-A: 一种用于制备生物柴油的纳米复合固体酸催化剂 patent, CN-106111367-A: 花洒、莲蓬头及三向分流器组合的快接连接结构及其使用方法 patent, CN-106116345-A: Anti-freezing cement composition patent, CN-106116805-A: 一种水产养殖水草用环保缓释肥 patent, CN-106118572-A: Household adhesive and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106119858-A: NiSe2/TiO2 composite nanotube array film used for photoproduction cathode protection and preparing and application of film patent, CN-106119881-A: Cleaning agent for water pump impeller patent, CN-106120149-A: 一种防蚊的、可连续释放负氧离子的无纺布及其制备方法 patent, CN-1061224-A: 吲哚和苯并咪唑取代的咪唑以及苯并咪唑衍生物的制备方法 patent, CN-106123400-A: 一种带重力分液的降膜式蒸发装置 patent, CN-106123432-A: 一种用于冷藏柜冷凝水排放与冷气导流一体装置 patent, CN-106123913-A: Step calculating device based on multiple groups of synchronous radio-frequency technologies patent, CN-106124920-A: 变压器中性线虚接故障检测方法 patent, CN-106125332-A: Novel hinge for glasses patent, CN-106126474-A: Local spline embedding-based linear classification method patent, CN-106127906-A: 一种门禁锁的解锁方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-106128272-A: 一种基于虚拟与现实技术的物流配送模拟系统 patent, CN-106130873-A: Information processing method and device patent, CN-106133655-A: 触摸装置检测 patent, CN-106134302-A: 具有绝缘过孔的金属基板 patent, CN-106135327-A: Chinese herbal medicine preparation for preventing and treating diseases and insect pests of siraitia grosvenorii and preparation method of Chinese herbal medicine preparation patent, CN-106135505-A: patent, CN-106136245-A: 一种枸杞黄酮咀嚼片 patent, CN-106138765-A: 一种治疗关节炎及骨质增生的中药酒及其制备工艺 patent, CN-106140151-A: 一种用于dns加氢还原制备das的催化剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106140367-A: Breaking device patent, CN-106141293-A: Pipe cutting and material supporting device convenient to use patent, CN-106142364-A: Cutting and trimming device for concrete building block patent, CN-106144819-A: Pre-diagnosis method and device of elevator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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